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AvacWeb Chat

Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Wed 24 Oct 2012, 13:11
Author - LGforum
Latest Release - 2.1
Available Old Releases - 2.0
Last Release Date - 2nd November 2016
Expected Next Release Date - TBC
Forum Support - Phpbb3, Invision, PunBB. It will work on Phpbb2, but bugs may be experienced as phpbb2 is not supported during development.
AvacWeb Chat for Forumotion forums is Copyrighted (C) by AvacWeb 2016. All Rights Reserved. No distribution of the source code without consent. No use of the source code without access through the domain "". Please respect these copyrights to retain rights to use AvacWeb Chat.

Please visit the new Avacweb Chat site here: to get the new AWC2.1 Smile

Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Sun 25 Nov 2012, 21:03
[div=avacblock]AvacWeb Chat Version 1.5
AvacWeb Chat version 1.5 is now available and is the most packed update yet, including the long-awaited Private Messaging system.

The private messaging system works by using the new [ic]/pm[/ic] command. Example: [ic]/pm(LGforum) Hello there LG![/ic]
You can even send to multiple users: [ic]/pm(LGforum, Neymar, Rideem3) Hello there guys! You guys are great![/ic]

You'll be alerted if 1 or more of the users is not available. When the message sends you'll see the message and the people is was sent to will see it too. Other users will have no idea it was sent.
Your message hooks are called as normal for Private messages.
In order to keep the AvacWeb Chat Private Messaging system (V1.5 and above) private, it is vital that you add this CSS to your forum's CSS[tip]Found at ACP - Display - Colors - CSS Stylesheet[/tip] before using AvacWeb Chat 1.5 or above. Thank you.
[panda=css].a_chat_pm tr, .a_chat_pm td { display:none!important; }
.a_chat_pm:before { content: 'Hidden Content'; font-style: italic; }
If you do not do this, users will be able to see all private messages in the full chatbox at [ic]/chatbox[/ic].
Lastly rgearding the PM system, if you experience any bugs with the PM system please let me know and I'll have it fixed in a nearby hidden bug-fix update.

A new right-click user menu has been added to the memberlist, which stylishly slides down and looks much neater. More options will be added to this menu in later versions.

"Reading Mode" has been added. You'll see a new button in the top right which says "Reading". Clicking this toggles you in and out of Reading Mode. When in Reading Mode, the chatbox will not scroll down to the bottom message when it refreshed or when somebody sends a new message. This gives you the freedom to read new messages or remain undisturbed.

A new option has been added to the [ic]avacweb_chat_config[/ic] object, which allows you to disable/enable the private messaging feature.

Clicking on someones username will enter the PM command into the message box with their username included. Clicking another username will add their name to the PM command.
Example, click 'LGforum' and the message box will say: [ic]/pm(LGforum) [/ic], then click Neymar and the message box will say: [ic]/pm(Neymar, LGforum) [/ic].

More details of the changes can be found by reading through the first post of this thread and the changelog.

Version 1.0 has now been dropped and is unavailable to return to.

Making the chatbox "draggable" was requested but unfortunately I ran out of time to add it to this version. I gave myself a deadline and if I was to continue and make that feature, I would have went over the deadline. I hope to add it in the next version release.
So my apologies to the user who requested this feature, hopefully next release.

The refresh rate has been slowed down to improve quality and resource uses, if you feel it is too slow then you can use this Add-on to speed it up:
(Only use this if you genuinely think it is too slow.)
[panda=js]avacweb_chat.onload.push(function() {
   avacweb_chat.interval = setInterval(avacweb_chat.refresh, 3000);

On another note, due to the switch from [ic]<p>[/ic] elements to [ic]<div>[/ic] elements in the chatbox messages, phpbb3 users might find this small bit of CSS useful: [ic].chatbox_row_1, .chatbox_row_2 { font-size: 1.2em; }[/ic].

I'll soon hopefully be designing some alternative themes for you to use. Creating alternative themes is easy due to the stylesheet option in your [ic]avacweb_chat_config[/ic] object. If anybody wants to help design new themes or share their creations that would be great.

Lastly, enjoy.
Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Wed 09 Jan 2013, 13:16
[div=avacblock]AvacWeb Chat Version 1.6
AvacWeb Chat version 1.6 is now available and contains the requested feature of resizing and moveability.

Before I start, an important note regarding the chatbox PM's. A change in the PM system means PMs that exist inside chatbox before updating may be insecure (they also may not, you might not have any issues), due to this I'd recommend clearing the chatbox after or before updating. You may not have any problems though.

I've also increased the refresh rate again, since I know some people were complaining about AWC running slow at times.

A new system for even more control and customization has been added to AWC, the Event System. This called for a new section in the first post, which if you know a bit of Javascript, I'd recommend you read through.

A feature added in v1.6 is "Offline PMs", you can now send PMs to users whether they are online or not. However, this feature is de-activated by default, you will need to activate it in your AWC config. Details in the first post of course.

If you previously had a plug-in installed for adding LGBB support to AWC, you should remove that before installing v1.6 as 1.6 now brings internal LGBB support built into it.

Another note to make is that the "at_replacement" option has been removed and if you wish to change the @ symbol for moderators you should use the hook system. Here is a simple hook already written for you:
[panda=js]avacweb_chat_config.message_hook.push(function(row, username, user_id, user) {
   user.innerHTML = user.innerHTML.replace(/@(?=\W)/, 'Mod: '); //perform @ replacement
avacweb_chat_config.user_hook.push(function(row, username, user_id) {
   var u = row.getElementsByTagName('a')[0];
   if(u) u.innerHTML = u.innerHTML.replace(/@(?=\W)/, 'Mod: '); //perform @ replacement
You can find this under the "Plug-Ins and Add-Ons" section of the first post if you lose it.

The new resizing, dragging option saves the users choice. If a user wishes to return the default dimensions they simply need to delete their cookies.

You can find a full list of changes under the "Changelog" section of the first post. If you have any questions regarding any of the updates then please post away.

I'll soon hopefully be designing some alternative themes for you to use. Creating alternative themes is easy due to the stylesheet option in your [ic]avacweb_chat_config[/ic] object. If anybody wants to help design new themes or share their creations that would be great.

Lastly, enjoy.
Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Sun 10 Feb 2013, 18:13

Avacweb Chat 1.7

Today I give you Avacweb chat version 1.7 which brings with it private chat rooms.

The private chat room is the main new feature in this version, but its a big one. I'm going to explain and provide some information on the new feautes and changes and then you can get on and play with them.

First off, the main feature, the private chat rooms.
- You must have the CSS I provide at the start of the AWC topic to keep the system secure.
- Remember, the /clear or /cls command clear the whole chat, even if you are in a private conversation. There is no way to clear a private room only. Sorry.
- When someone sends a Private Message and you are included within the recipients, you'll see a new tab (not browser tab, an AWC tab) opens automatically and indicates a new message.
- When you send a PM to someone, you'll see a new AWC tab open up.
- If you want to start a private conversation with someone without using the /pm command, right click on their username in the online list and select 'Start private conversation'
- When in a private tab, you don't have to use the /pm command when you chat.
- You can switch between the tabs to switch between your conversation.
- Hover over a tab to see everybody who is in that chat room.
- When a new message has been posted in a tab, the tab will be given the classname of 'new' so you can style it. The default style is an orange border. Here's the CSS you'll need: [ic] { //styling }[/ic]

Next the 'onload' option has been removed from the config object. So you can not use onload hooks, you must use the onload event. Any plug ins you have which have this in [ic]avacweb_chat_config.onload.push[/ic] in will not work. If you need help modifying an old plug in to work with 1.7+ let me know.

Some new events have been added to AWC for even more customization and options for plug ins. New events: 'onsend', 'ontabchange', 'ontabopen', 'ontabclose'

The title of the browser window does not change anymore when there is a new message. It was unneeded. However if anyone wants it then I can provide a plug in to add it.

The /friend command and friend request options have been removed to save space. Again, if anybody wants it, like many things, it can be added via a small plug in.

I tried to listen to all your suggestions and aimed to fix the smilies bug and scrolling bug.
The scrolling bug is a bit better, but not completely fixed, and the smilies bug I still need to look at. So I apologise I didn't round to this, but they may be fixed in a hidden update sometime soon.

As always if you find any bugs please let know.
Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Sun 02 Jun 2013, 16:11

Avacweb Chat Version 1.8

Avacweb Chat finally brings to you your own chat rooms, so you can now make Staff only rooms, and of course much more.

Before installing AWC v1.8, you should clear your forums chatbox. This is due to a change in the PM/Tab system. If you don't do this, you could potentially harm the security of private messages your users have sent in the chatbox.

Also, you must make sure that this CSS is present in your forums CSS:
[panda=css].a_chat_pm tr, .a_chat_pm td, .a_chat_tab tr, .a_chat_tab td { display:none!important; }
.a_chat_pm:before, .a_chat_tab:before { content: 'Hidden Content'; font-style: italic; }
This is important as it keeps Private Messages secure. Without this tabs will not work correctly.

Here's all the changes in AWC 1.8 discussed in more detail.

New Config Option: 'Tabs'
A new option has been added to the AWC Config object. You'll see it as [ic]tabs : {},[/ic] right now. However this tiny bit will allow you to add more default chat rooms to Avacweb Chat, as well as defining who is allowed in the chat room.
You add a chat room by specifying a name, and the list of users you wish to allow in that room, like so:
... everything above this line ...
tabs : {
    "Staff Room" : ['LGforum', 4, 'Neymar', 348],
    "Premium Room" : [26, 35, 'tommycoo']
... everything below this option ...
First you name the chat room, so you can see I have two new chat rooms named "Staff Room" and "Premium Room", you then specify the users allowed in that chat room. As you can see, you can specify either usernames or user ID's. If you want everybody to be able to enter the new chat room, leave it empty like: [ic][][/ic] so no users have been specified.

New Config Option: 'can_open_tabs'
In AWC 1.8 you can open new chat rooms directly from the chat, however, if all members could open chat rooms, it could potentially be chaos. So this option allows you to specify the users who can open new chat rooms. By default, only the user with ID of 1, the founder, can open chat rooms. Simply add more user IDs here to give more people the privilege of opening new chat rooms. For example: [ic]can_open_tabs : [1, 5, 58],[/ic] - users 1, 5 and 58 can open chat rooms in this example.

New Config Option: 'allow_copyrights'
This option has been added to show your support to Avacweb. AWC 1.8 inserts a very small backlink to Avacweb just below the chatbox. It's very small and discreet, and simply provides acknowledgement of Avacwebs work towards AWC. This is not forced upon you however, and changing this option to 0 will remove the backlink.

New built-in command: '/tab'
A new command has been added to aid in using the tabs. The '/tab(tabname) message' command works in a similar way to the /pm command. Lets say you have a tab named 'Staff Room', and your currently in the Public chat room, by typing [ic]/tab(Staff Room) Hey staff guys![/ic] you'll send a message to the Staff Room tab. If a tab does not exist named Staff Room, and if you have permission to do so, it will be opened for everyone to join.

User Staff Status is now tracked
This is mainly just for developers who write plug-ins for Avacweb chat. The [ic]avacweb_chat.get_user_data(userid or username)[/ic] function now returns an object like before that contains a property 'staff', which is true if the user is staff or false if not. This allows you to identify if users are staff. Eg: [ic]if(avacweb_chat.get_user_data(2).staff) //user is staff[/ic]
Similarly, you can check if the current user is staff in the same way you get the current users username using the 'user' function. [ic]if( avacweb_chat.user('staff') ) //user is staff[/ic]
The definition of 'staff' here refers to chatbox moderators, those who by default have an '@' symbol by there name.

Custom Commands can now be set a Staff Only commands.
When you add new commands to AWC they can now be defined as staff only. Its really easy and is explained in the development thread under the Commands section.

Design of the Chat Button has been improved
The design of the actual button has been slightly improved a little bit. Just as a reminder, you can style it yourself using the CSS selector [ic]#avacweb_chat_button[/ic]

The Event object passes data
The Event object that is passed to event handler functions has been improved to include more details. Rather than just having 'preventDefault()' method, it now has a 'type' property, which is what event is taking place, and a 'data' property, which is different depending on which event is taking place. For example, for the 'onsend' event, the value of [ic][/ic] will be the message that has been sent. For the new 'onreading' event [ic][/ic] contains the Reading button. Descriptions of what data is passed with each event can be found in the development thread.

New Events Added
2 new events have been added into AWC, to provide even more possibilities. The new 'onreading' event fires when a user enters reading mode. This can be used to tell the user what reading mode is the first time or anything else. The new 'oncommand' event fires when a user sends a command. The onsend event fires before this, and the 'oncommand' event is only fired if the user has permission to use the command in question. The data passed with the event object [ic][/ic] is the command used, eg 'pm' or 'me'.

Tabs have been re-designed
Despite the fact I loved the old design of the tabs, the placing of them wasn't very practical, as it got a bit squashed up with more than a few tabs open. Now the tabs are situated at the top of the chat and have been designed differently. They shouldn't squash up so easily now and should work better with the new tab system. Of course you can design them to match your own board using CSS.

Interface for starting new tab
An easy interface for opening a new tab from within the chatbox has been added. A tab with a '+' in it to signify you can 'add' another tab. Only users who have permission to open tabs will see this. When you click on it, you'll be asked to name the new tab, and then you'll see it open up. It will not exist to other users until you post at least 1 message in it.

Banlist Command
I looked into the '/banlist' command and I think I have gotten it to work nicely. When using the banlist command you'll see a pop up like the smilies and colors, and the list of banned users will be loaded. You'll be able to unban users directly from this list. This was hard to make universal across the board versions, so let me know of any bugs regarding this.

Config Option Removed: 'light_up_color'
You'll see that you can no longer set a 'light_up_color' for the chat button. This doesn't mean you can't make it light up. When a new message arrives in the chatbox, the button is now given a classname of 'newmsg' giving you much more customizability using CSS. You can now use the selector [ic]#avacweb_chat_button.newmsg[/ic] to dictate what the button looks like when a new message arrives, allowing you to use transitions and all sorts. By default it is a nice orange design.

New User Option: 'newest first'
In the 'User Options' box, a new option has been added for your users. They can now choose to order the message by 'Newest First', this means the newest message in the chatbox is at the top. Some people prefer this, and like all user options, your choice will be saved.

New User Option: 'merge messages'
The second new option for your users allows them to choose if subsequent messages by the same user are merged as one message. So if you post, and then post again before anyone else, your newest message will be added on to the end of your last message, and same for everyone else. It really does save a lot of room in the chatbox doing this. Whatever each users chooses, there choice is saved.

Refresh Button Removed
The refresh button in the top right corner has been removed as it was redundant. In the next version there'll likely be a new button there.

SO I hope there is enough to keep you happy in Version 1.8, don't forget there is a major amount of Plug-Ins available for Avacweb Chat. If any of the current Plug-Ins do not work in 1.8, let me know and I'll try my best to update it to support 1.8.

I also recommend reminding yourself of this post: [post][/post] as the same rules still apply to tabs.
If you clear the chatbox, you clear all the tabs
Also, user created tabs are not permanent. they only exist if they have at least 1 message in them. So if you open a new tab, clear the chatbox, then refresh, it doesn't exist anymore because you left it empty, you'd have to open it again - but that's not too hard. [/div]
Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Tue 06 May 2014, 00:03

Avacweb Chat Version 1.9

Well as with every release I like to give you guys a more detailed version of the changelog and my take on all the changes with a bit more detail for you, so here's the breakdown for AWC1.9 for you.

First off, I'd say the biggest change is AWC will be moving to an external site at where most of the information will be provided.
Support for AWC will still be provided in the Avacweb Chat section of Avacweb, I'll likely be keeping this thread for Updates now too. The Plug-in section will remain here on Avacweb too so that anybody can post Plug-ins. The most popular Plug-ins will be written up on the AWC Site. It is still a work in progress (I've not even finished all the pages) but I hope you all like it so far.

I'm gonna go through the changelog of Version 1.9 bit by bit for you now ...

- Merge messages option is 'off' by default.
Most users didn't like having merge messages on in 1.8, so I have now made sure it is off by default. However I would like to say that merged messages look a lot better now that I have given them just a little style tweek. Either way, this option can be removed completely using the Settings controller:

- Options removed from avacweb_chat_config: disable_timeout, archives, auto_log_in
I've explained previously why auto_log_in has been removed, because it can be added via plug-in.
disable_timeout has now become a user option rather than an admin option, so each user can choose specifically.
sound_file has also been removed because playing a sound can be done via plug-in.

Options added to avacweb_chat_config: allow_appear_offline, custom_placement
These 2 new options have been added to the config. allow_appear_offline is obvious, this just enables or disables the appear offline feature.
custom_placement should be a CSS selector, and if specified AWC will install itself within that selector... in other words this allows you to place AWC wherever you want. In a template, html page or even an element outside of template editing.

Core parts of AWC have been re-written. Including tab controller, settings controller, event controller and various functions
I really have done a lot of re-writing and improvements. Remember 1.8 is nearly a year old... so the core needed some updating. It should now be a lot easier for developers now too.

Mobile detection and easier design/layout on mobile devices. Resizability and tabs not available on mobile.
The mobile version is simple for now guys, but its a start. It still needs a lot of work. However, you can improve the mobile version yourself if you want. The chat now has a classname of 'mobile' when the user is on a mobile device, so you can use this classname in your CSS to style the chat differently.

Bot messages are displayed in all tabs now not just public.
Bot messages include login/logout notifications, user is away, user timeout etc... Previously these were only displayed in the public tab but now they are displayed in all tabs... only when archives is off though. Let me know how you feel about this.

Users can now ignore other users.
This was a suggestions from someone and I apologise I can't remember who exactly - but I've put a system into place.
You can ignore a user by right clicking their name in the user list and selecting 'Ignore User', if you're already ignoring them you'll see 'Un-ignore User'.
When you ignore a user you won't see any of there messages in the chat. I hope to write a plug-in sometime soon that will put a strike through ignored users usernames or blur them out or something...

New command added: /ignore username
As another way of ignoring a user, there is a command of course. There's a command for everything... but oddly not an /unignore command lol .. woops.

The refresh rate of the chat drops the more inactive it is to preserve resources and be more efficient.
This is actually a big feature I have added even though it isn't something noticeable within the interface. AWC now tracks your inactivity by checking if each refresh is different from the last. After a certain amount of unchanged refreshes it begins to drop the refresh rate... refreshing slower and slower the more inactive the chatbox is.
At normal rate the chat refreshes every 3 seconds, after 30 seconds of nobody posting, it drops to 8 seconds... no big difference.
But after a further minute and a half of nobody posting it will drop down to refreshing every 25 seconds.
After about 5 mins of no activity, it is refreshing every 45 seconds and after about 8 mins of no activity it refreshes only once every minute.
This will prevent my chat and your browser and your forum from doing unneeded work.

Big fixed regarding the lighting up of tabs.
Tabs weren't lighting up correctly in 1.8, I don't know if anyone noticed lol ... but its fixed.

'onreading' event has been removed.
Despite only being added in 1.8 due to the new settings controller the onreading event is redundant.
If you have any old plug-ins that use the onreading event; use this little patch to create the event:
[panda=js]avacweb_chat_config.add_event('onsettingchange', function(e) {
    if( === 'reading') {'onreading');
That will fire any onreading listeners.

'onsettingchange' event added - fired whenever a setting within AWC is changed; user setting or internal setting.
Here's the new event from the setting controller. This event is actually very important and handles so many things within AWC; reading mode, color picker, even toggling the popup chatbox.
The event object provides the setting which has been changed in ''.

Here's an example plug-in:
[panda=js]avacweb_chat_config.add_event('onsettingchange', function(e) {
    if( === 'reading') {
        this.send_message( this.settings.on('reading') ? '/me has entered reading mode.' : '/me has left reading mode.' );

New settings controller and API allows for adding more settings into AWC. New custom settings will be saved and restored like the rest.
I keep banging on about the new settings controller... however it is good. It will allow you to add your own custom settings into AWC... this is actually a massive opportunity in terms of plug-ins.
You can also use the settings controller for completely removing settings from API... for instance the 'strike' options seems a bit pointless... why not remove it?

New event controller allows for handlers to be removed.
The internal event controller has been re-written and I've included a remove function so event listeners can be removed if needed.

New event controller is case-insensitive, aka onLoad = onload = Onload
I noticed a few people writing events like this: 'onLoad' even though I had never written them like that for AWC... that's because they wouldn't work lol... AWC would only accept lower case events like 'onload'. However the new event controller will accept anything as long as it is the right letters. OnLoad ONLOad oNlOaD ... anything will do.

User option 'sound' has been removed and AWC plays no sound - can be added via plug in.
Mentioned this earlier. As well the config option being removed, the user option has been removed. But the new settings controller can add it. I've provided a plug in for it already.

New and improved default stylesheet. v1-8 classname removed from the chat button, chatbox_row class name removed and replaced with achat_row.
The CSS has been given a tidy up and small re-write too. You'll find it a bit easier to follow when you read through it hopefully.
Also the previous CSS set up had tricks in to stay backwards compatible... however this new CSS is for 1.9 only so there is no backwards mess.

AWC config stylesheet is now inserted above the forum stylesheet, this gives the forum stylesheet priority.
As requested, the AWC CSS is now placed 'above' your forums CSS in the page. This should mean your forums CSS is given priority and you don't need to put !important after everything.

User tabs are now deletable and users can leave a user tab similarly to leaving a PM tab.
I was asked plenty of times "How do you delete a tab?" and the answer was basically if it isn't a PM tab... you can't.
Well now you can, you can delete a tab that has been opened within the chat. The only tabs you can't close are those defined in the config and the Public tab.
So you know though, when you close a tab - you haven't completely deleted the tab, you have only left that chatroom... it is still open for everybody else who was in it.

New user option added 'Appear offline', Users can now appear offline, whilst still being able to send and view messages. This removes the 'Away' feature however.
In the user option box the users now have the choice to appear offline. (This option should only appear when 'allow_appear_offline' is enabled in the config... but there is a bug, this option is appearing regardless of what you have set in the config. I'll sort it out.)
The appear offline feature works off of the Away feature... so in order for this to work, the away feature has to be lost.
The /away command won't work while appearing offline is activated.
Users can still send messages whilst they are appearing offline.
Currently the offline users are still counted in the user count in the chat button ... this is a mistake which I need to sort too.
There is some CSS I'd recommend adding to your forum if you plan on having the appear offline feature enabled: [ic]h4.away, h4.away + ul { display: none; }[/ic]

New command added /offline - This makes the user appear offline temporarily until they send their next message.
This is sort of like the appear offline option however it is not permanent. The /offline command only makes them appear offline until they send a message.

The message box can now be enlarged in to a large text box for writing longer messages.
I think this is a simple but really neat feature. Next to the message box there is a little Up arrow... click it and you'll turn that tiny message box into a nice big textbox now. Perfect for copying larger amounts of text in and writing longer messages.

User 1, aka the founder will see a new button in the bottom left and will receive updates from the AWC server.
You'll see a little '!' button if you are the founder... it will glow red when there are important updates about AWC. Click it and you'll see some information.
It seems people would like this for more than just the founder... so I'll sort that out for you via plug-in.

Well that's all the changelog. I hope its goos enough for you guys.

In my opinion, I really like 1.9 Smile Despite all the bugs that have popped up pretty early on, once they are fixed this is a neat version, and backstage there is a lot of new stuff to work with.
So because of this new re-written core, I won't be jumping on to 2.0 just yet guys, I want to work with 1.9 a little more, and so I hope to start a 1.9.1 very soon and have a new update for you guys within a month. I even wanna do you an avatars in the chat plug-in like Avacweb has. Wink

Anyway if anyone has any questions about the new features or anything regarding 1.9 feel free to ask or PM me.
And on an unrelated note - Avacweb is now running 1.9 here with perfect results... Smile
Status : Working to restore AWC!

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Sat 14 Feb 2015, 17:51
Hey everyone, important announcement!

I've completed a temporary version of Avacweb Chat to continue using whilst 2.0 is being written and everything fixed out after the updated from FM.

Its really simple to get this temporary version, just go to your AWC Config object, and where you see [ic]version : '1-9-1',[/ic]
change it to: [ic]version : 'temp',[/ic]

This version will allow you to continue chatting and alow 80% of AWC features. However there will be bugs, here are some I know about:
- Online list broken
- Merge message option broken
- Archives turning themselves on and off.
- disable timeout a bit sketchy
- possible PM problems, should be fine, but don't discuss any really private matters.
- The dropdown list that appears when right clicking a username is broke.
- hooks and plug ins making use of hooks do not work. Hooks have been removed for now.

Please report any other bugs to help speed up the version 2.0 process Smile

Thanks all!
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Fri 06 Mar 2015, 21:49

Avacweb Chat 2.0

Here it is, the official release post for AWC 2.0, which you've all been waiting for ever since FM made an update and screwed up all the other versions Razz
You now get to hear me ramble on about this release, the process, the changes and more.

First off I'd like a proper chance to apologise that you've had to put up with a temporary version of AWC. As you all hopefully know already this was down to the updates FM made to the chatbox and the way it works. There was simply no way of avoiding a re-write to get all AWC's features back to normal, and this couldn't happen overnight, so getting a temporary release out was the best I could do with the time I had - and I hope it didn't effect your sites too badly.

As always I like to talk through the changelog pieces which I believe to be relevant or interesting. So we'll do that.

Internal Changes for Developers
A few simple things which will only mean something to people who know Javascript.
The config option 'new_chat_title' is changed to 'chat_title', small change however the config options are no longer found at [ic]avacweb_chat.admin_settings[/ic] they are now found at the more intuitive [ic]avacweb_chat.config[/ic] - example: [ic]avacweb_chat.config.chat_title[/ic]
The previous property [ic]avacweb_chat.connected[/ic] has now been renamed to [ic]avacweb_chat.logged_in[/ic] and will need changing in any plug-ins.

Hooks have been removed
This might be quite a big shock as it breaks a lot of plug-ins, however I have made the decision to remove message_hooks, user_hooks.
Removing these may mean you have to get rid of some of your favourite plug-ins, but post a request and I'll very likely be able to make a 2.0 version. Removing the hooks really doesn't restrict the customizing too much. They were remove due to how messages are handled in AWC now, hooks could cause some serious mess ups. All in all, they're too difficult to manage securely internally.

User Options removed: 'Merge Messages', 'Appear Offline'
I've removed these 2 user options. 'Appear offline' was an easy choice, as I wanted to trial the new 'Idle' status, I feel 'Idle' is more like what a real chat has and is a more common and widely recognised feature.
The 'Merge messages' however I wasn't too sure about removing. However removing it allowed for better management of the messages internally and additionally allowed the new '/cleartab' to work. Which I'm sure most will choose over 'Merge messages'. I am sad to see it go though, it was quite a unique feature.

'Connect' messages appear in every tab
This is a small but I think significant change that I have based on feedback. The bot messages (messages not posted by users) in the chat are a bit too much, so in previous versions I've limited them only to the public tab. Now though, I've cut most of them out altogether (some may be added in the future if the feedback shows desire) and just kept the 'connect' message which tells you when a user joins the chat. This will display in every tab, so no matter what tab you are in, you'll know if someone joins the chat.

Support Checking before Initiating
Again a very small change but AWC will now check if the browser meets the minimum requirements before it starts up. Previously, AWC tried to start up and eliminate certain features depending on what the browser could manage, however this was messy and led to users not getting the same experience as others, causing confusion.
If your browser does not meet the minimum requirements, there will be a message in the console.

Commands removed
These commands have been removed:
'/away' - because of /idle being added.
'/abs' - Again because of idle.
'/exit' - I didn't like it lol.
'/ignore' - Unnecessary. The 'Ignore User' option is still available in the drop down box which appears when you click a username in the online list.

Commands added
There are a few new commands added to AWC 2.0, one of which I think is a great feature.
/cleartab - which allows you to clear just a single tab. This helps you keep your chat neat Smile
/me - This isn't a new command obviously, but AWC controls it now rather than FM, so it only shows in the correct tab.
/global - This command allows staff to post into all tabs at once for getting members attention. Use it like so: [ic]/global This message will appear in all tabs.[/ic]

No more message box enlarger
Previous versions had a little up arrow next to the message box for enlarging it. I don't think this feature was used often so I thought I'd get rid of it.
If there is demand for it, I will show how to add it back in using the new templating feature. Wink

Message Filtering added
Your AWC config has a new option in it: [ic]filters : {}[/ic]
In a similar way to using the AWC Translation, you put the bad words you want censored on the left and then the replacement words on the right. You can also use this for shortcuts too.
[panda=js]filters : {
    'swearword' : '[censored]',
    'AW' : 'Avacweb',
    'awc' : 'Avacweb Chat'
The phrase on the left will be replaced with phrase on the right. For now I have kept this simple, and AWC will only accept filters which are simplistic words or phrases. It may be updated in the future to allow more complex filters with wildcards and part-matching etc.

Plain Text
AWC has had a plain text copy of the chat internally for a few versions now. It is used for the logs (which I hope to be improving in future versions) and I thought it could be used for other things. So first I have added a user option to have a plain text view of the chat, this is recommended on mobile devices or even on older laptops/computers.
For developers the plain text version is a great way of saving the chat, sending through PM or email etc. It is located [ic]avacweb_chat.plain_text[/ic]

Mobile Version
I think I have sorted out the mobile version. I use an iphone6 and it looks pretty good and easy to use on mobile.
However I don't expect to have this perfect so please let me know.

Template Editing
This is sort of an advanced feature but you can now edit the template of AWC. I hope to post a few alternative AWC designs which make use of this feature and show you the potential of it.
Even with all the event handlers and stuff, I think this could prove to be most customizable aspect of AWC... I will get an alternative version out to you all soon, a complex redesign of AWC simply using the templating feature which only uses the config and css... For now info is here:

The AWC site has been updated now, so go to this page to install AWC 2.0: (Be sure to update that CSS in step 1!)
Developers or those interested, the developer pages have been updated and reflect the functions of 2.0.
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Wed 02 Nov 2016, 04:19

Avacweb Chat 2.1

Well its been a long time since I have done one of these posts, but here is the official release post for Avacweb Chat version 2.1

First of all, I want to apologise for such an awful long wait for an update, I've basically been through a tough time and then I had no way of actually developing but now I've finally got a laptop so I've finished off AWC 2.1 Smile

AWC 2.1 is only a small update and for that I apologise, however I think it would be better to give you updates with fewer new features more frequently.

Here's the updates in this version:

User Menu has been changed to left-click
Just a small change to the interaction in AWC, when you want to bring up the user menu now just click a users name in the online list. It used to be a right click but it was requested to be a left click or a standard click. Now it is!

Tabs display a new message count.
When you are using multiple tabs in AWC you'll see how many new messages are in each other tab. This is quite a tough feature and it may be a bit sketchy at the moment, so please feed back about it and I'll try and smooth it out wherever possible! Thanks!

A "Logs" button has been added to the header
Your chatbox moderators will now see a new button in the header of AWC that says 'Logs', clicking this will open a new tab with the logs management page. This is the equivalent of when you type the [ic]/logs[/ic] command. As a reminder the logs that you save are yours personally and not viewable to your other moderators however I hope to make a better logs feature in the future that allows you and your moderators to save logs for each other.

Global Messages are now more prominent in the chat
AWC 2.0 added a [ic]/global[/ic] command for sending global messages into every tab however the global messages weren't very clear so now global messages have the classname of "awc-global" so they can be styled in your forums CSS. By default they appear with a red background and border. This command is still a staff-only command.

Best of all if you use AWC 2.0 then its easy to update to AWC 2.1, simply change [ic]version: '2-0'[/ic] to [ic]version: '2-1'[/ic] in your AWC Config.

If you've not got AWC installed then you can go to this page to install AWC 2.1: (Be sure to update that CSS in step 1!)
Developers or those interested, the developer pages have been updated and reflect the functions of 2.1.
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